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By Noelle Brooks

Three Ways To Streamline The Customer Experience. Black man in black suit at a desktop.

Customers want to feel special. They want to believe that they are your one and only, your ultimate favorite, that your business rises and sets based on their business. In reality, you are a busy professional with a bazillion clients and an endless to-do list. So how do you provide your customers with personalized service without losing your sanity?  Below are three ways to streamline the customer experience:

One Message To Rule Them All

While digital reigns supreme, there is something special about phone communication. That little ding notifying you of a new text or voicemail is an instant reminder that someone, somewhere, cares. Or at least they took the time to contact you offline. Why not reproduce that warm fuzzy feeling for all of your clients? Automated call services like DialMyCalls and Eztexting allow you to create automated messages for follow-ups and reminders. You can personalize and segment messages based on your needs. There are even free trials available to test the service to see if it is right for you and your organization. Make sure not to overdo it. The only thing worse than spamming your customer’s inbox is spamming their voicemail.

Automate Your Content Strategy

The success of your brand hinges on creating great content, consistently. However, with so many things to do in so little time, accomplishing this is difficult. Start by learning what is trending your industry. Buzzsumo is a great place to start. This website shows popular content with engagement metrics. Once you know what to create, what next? How do you make content that looks great but does not take hours to produce? Begin with video. Aside from being the top marketing strategy for 2018, video is easy to reformat for other platforms. Transcribe your video into a blog, dissect it for quick social media updates and even transform it into an infographic using tools like Canva. And do not let potential production costs stop you. Customers want to see the real you, to know the humans behind the business. A decent phone with a strong internet connection is the only thing standing between you and brand success. Then schedule your posts with platforms such as HootSuite. This way you can create once and reuse as many times as you like.

Get Your Customers To Do The Work

People love to talk about their experiences. Given the opportunity, most would jump at the chance to tell their story to an eager audience. So be that audience for your customers. Then provide the platform for their story. Go beyond generic surveys and brief testimonials at the bottom of your website. Interview your clients about how your product or service impacted their life. Send products or offer free services and have them film their experience. Encourage customers to post on your social accounts, business-related or otherwise. Ask what gets them excited, what their dreams are, what they are planning for the future. Put your customers in the driver’s seat (with a little backseat driving from you via maintenance and monitoring) and watch your brand flourish.

This is only a snapshot of options available to streamline your marketing strategies. You may find some of these tactics do not work for your business model or discover more efficient ways to automate the customer experience for your company. The key is to find ways to work less and delight more. Make 2018 the year you create a brand your clients cannot get enough of without killing yourself to do it.

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