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By Noelle Brooks

Why Every Organization Needs An Emergency Preparedness Plan. Picture of a turquoise and white first aid case sitting on the ground.

As storms such as Hurricane Micheal become more frequent, devastating occurrences, it is crucial that every organization have an emergency preparedness plan. Whether it be weather-related or human-related, emergency preparedness minimizes the impact of a disaster. Even if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, planning ahead empowers your organization. Unconvinced? Here are five ways an emergency preparedness plan protects your organization while growing your brand:

Minimizes Costs

One of the biggest reasons to have an emergency preparedness plan is that it saves money. While it is an investment, the long-term savings outweigh any initial costs. Being disaster-ready reduces recovery costs following an emergency, such as property repairs and inventory replacement. Addressing non-weather-related incidents, such as disgruntled employees and cyber attacks, minimizes potential costs related to loss of customer records or trade secrets. Additionally, a well-defined emergency plan increases efficiency, a huge money saver. Having plans in place ensures everyone is on the same page, preventing time-consuming errors.

Enhances Credibility

In a previous blog post, we discussed how credibility boosts brand growth. The more your audience trusts you, the more likely they are to purchase your products and/or services. Having an emergency preparedness plan is another way to enhance your credibility. Customers want to work with brands that are stable and forward-thinking. A thorough emergency plan establishes just that. You can even make emergency preparedness a key part of your marketing. What’s a better selling point than being well prepared?

Improves Employee Retention

Creating an emergency preparedness plan can also improve employee retention. Knowing your employer has a strategy in place when a disaster happens foster trust. It also reduces stress regarding injury or income loss during an emergency event. Even if you cannot afford to pay employees while they or the organization recovers, ensuring their job will still exist boosts loyalty. Nothing says retention like actually retaining the position.

Increases Brand Longevity

A strong emergency preparedness plan reduces recovery time following an emergency. This is great for employees and customers. As mentioned previously, customers want to know they can rely on you. They want to feel safe when making their purchase. Your organization’s ability to effectively and quickly rebound from disaster creates this sense of security. Beyond customer perception, emergency plans provide freedom. Imagine not worrying about what you will do when disaster inevitably strikes. Less worry equals more innovation.

These are just a few reasons why emergency preparedness matters. Once you have created your plan, make sure that everyone is properly trained. An excellent way to ease the onboarding process is with physical reminders.  Check out Choice Premiums’ Emergency Preparedness Collection to find emergency-related products. This collection is also great for marketing your organization’s supreme preparedness to customers. For tips on creating your emergency preparedness plan, download the checklist below.

Emergency Preparedness Plan Checklist.

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