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By Noelle Brooks

6 Tactics to Jumpstart Your Nonprofit Marketing

Despite their social impact, nonprofits routinely struggle to be recognized. In a sea of brands clamoring for consumers’ attention, it can be difficult to stand out. Charitable organizations have also faced severe budget cuts, which places marketing on the backburner. However, effective promotion is crucial for community building and funding. Below are six tactics to jumpstart your nonprofit marketing:

Review Both Successes and Failures

It is easy to dwell on what went wrong. Maybe you did not reach out to enough donors. Or tickets for your fundraising event was inappropriately priced. However, do not overlook your organization’s successes. Knowing what you did right and how you did it is just as important as understanding challenges and missed opportunities. Analyze each step and review what worked even at a small level.  Repeat the process for what did not work. Use this information to inform your marketing decisions. Make sure to connect each strategy to a specific challenge with clear outcomes.

Craft A Strong Email Campaign

One of the most important strategies to incorporate is email marketing. It remains the number one way to connect with your audience and encourage action. For nonprofits, it is crucial to build a comprehensive email list and establish who you are and what you are about through email campaigns. Not only is it less time-consuming than traditional strategies, but email marketing is also more cost effective. For every $1 spent,  average ROI is $38 .  Progress is easy to track, and you quickly gain insight into your audience. To craft a successful campaign, create compelling content that reflects your brand. Share results from fundraising efforts, detailing how donations generate these results. Make sure to include a clear call to action.

Be Selective With Social Media

Staying relevant on social media can be overwhelming. There are so many platforms to choose from, and tons of advice about which ones are best. The key is to find networks that showcase your brand while connecting with your targeted audience. Not every platform works for every nonprofit. Focus your energy on two to three networks, generating buzz with consistent and engaging posts. Do not simply broadcast news about your nonprofit. The goal is to encourage conversation, which will hopefully lead to action. They are “social” platforms after all. Create a space that people want to follow.

Develop Mobile Centric Strategies

A key shift in consumer consumption has been the use of mobile devices. As of 2018, 70% digital media time (YouTube, Facebook, web browsing, etc.) is spent on mobile devices. This means marketing plans must be mobile-focused. Optimize your website for mobile devices. Incorporate donation options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay to make donating easy. Use strong visuals such as video to captivate and inform your audience. Create content that looks great on a phone or tablet. Otherwise, your nonprofit will be left behind.

Invest In Public Relations

Developing a relationship with the media is a great way to promote your nonprofit. Your events and projects are often inherently news-worthy due to their community impact. As a result, a well-written press release or online announcement could be your ticket to a featured article. Yet this is definitely not a “build it and they will come” situation. Assess who to contact and which outlets will have the most impact.  Build rapport with reporters and become their go-to for community news. The stronger your media connections are the greater your coverage.

Make Your Nonprofit the Brand

An excellent way to get your name out there is with promotional items. They are great for tiered donations systems, event swag or generate additional revenue. Choice Premiums has worked with a number of nonprofits, from The Otis Foundation to the Community Foundation of Georgia . With our expertise, we can give your nonprofit the boost it deserves. Check out our nonprofit collection for cool products.

These are only a handful of strategies you can use to improve your nonprofit marketing. Check out Nonprofits Source for more great tips. Whatever tactics you choose, make sure to be consistent and to monitor your progress.

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