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By Noelle Brooks

At its core, marketing is simply a strategic process that elicits particular emotions to encourage action. For example, a targeted ad about simplifying the hiring process brings relief to the stressed business owner. However, consumers are bombarded with these tactics on a daily, hourly, minutely (its a word, I swear!) basis. As a result, they quickly identify gimmicks and insincerity. This is where heartful marketing comes in. A fairly new concept, heartful marketing is centered around compassion and empathy. It goes beyond emotionally charged messaging to impactful marketing that enriches the lives of your clients. So how can this type of marketing help your brand? Below are ways to use this model and why it works:

Enlist People-First Leaders

The success of any brand depends on its leaders. Those in charge set the tone for the rest of the organization, providing guidance and instruction. With heartful marketing, leaders must focus on the clients rather than the bottom line. This is not to say profits do not matter, but the goal is to develop fulfilling customer relationships. Marketing strategy aside, having compassionate and empathetic leaders creates a business that values its customers and its work. This feeds into the next important step for heartful marketing.

Create A Heartful Workplace

In addition to leadership, the workplace needs to align with the heartful model. First, a supportive work environment creates happy employees who actually buy into the idea of heartful marketing. It is not just another half-baked scheme to generate more customers. It is a philosophy. Employees who embrace this will convey the level of sincerity necessary for success. Second, happy employees make for more productive workers. So even if you are unsure if heartful marketing is for you, creating a pleasant work environment is excellent for your brand’s overall growth.

Evaluate Your Current Business Model

After assessing leaders and the workplace, evaluate your current business model.  Is your brand focused on quality or low cost? How do you measure performance? Is it based on caliber or volume?  Examine how your brand operates and think of ways to be more “heartful.” For example, do you have a trusting, healthy relationship with your vendors? Or is it more of a “get it done, now!” sort of situation. Do you use ethical practices that protect both you and your clients? Developing a business model that reflects the heartful philosophy is essential.

Develop A People-First Marketing Plan

You have evaluated leadership, workplace environment, and business model. It is time to develop a people-first marketing plan. Start by reviewing past campaigns and future projections. Are there places where the sell took priority over providing actual value? Did previous ads focus on the emotional response and not much else? Then brainstorm ways your marketing could be more people-centric. Use this information to develop a heartful marketing plan. Make sure to use your current resources and align strategies with future goals.

Now that you know how heartful marketing works, the next question is how well does it work? As with any strategy, there is no guarantee that this will be the cureall for your brand. However, with brands like The Heartful Business succeeding with a heart-centric model, it is worth a try. Besides, don’t we all want to do some good in the world? Why not do that with your business?

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