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By Noelle Brooks

Tips On Maintaining Work-Life Balance. Man bent over desk covered in papers with hands on his head.

Returning to work after a holiday can be daunting. The old grind can seem more grueling than before. You may even find yourself longing for the next break. Instead of living off daydreams, try these five tips to strike a healthy work-life balance:

Set Specific, Manageable Goals

The key to managing the demands of daily life is through precise planning. Set goals with small actionable steps. Make sure to also include rewards for meeting certain goals. All work and no play makes Jack a really stressed out boy.

Take Time To Disconnect

In this hyper-digital world, it can be difficult to disengage. You run the risk of missing an important opportunity or update. However, taking breaks to mentally recharge is crucial. Even though it may not seem like it, that email can wait.

Set Aside Quality Time 

There will always be a new task that requires your attention. Waiting until you are “less busy” is not an option. Be purposeful, carving out specific time dedicated to the ones you love most.

Conduct Frequent, Personal Check-ins

Sometimes what used to work simply doesn’t anymore. Be open and honestly assess what in your life works well and what does not. Then set a (specific) plan to fix it. Do not become comfortable with dissatisfaction.

Get Out Your Comfort Zone

Routines can be suffocating. Sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself is something completely different and unexpected. And it doesn’t have to be extreme. Something as simple as taking a different route to work can do wonders with managing.

Although these steps won’t make work exactly “fun,” it can create a much-needed balance. Be kind to yourself and remember that while work is an unavoidable part of life, it isn’t the only part. You can also de-stress with cool items from our Health and Fitness collection.

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