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By Noelle Brooks

Tips For Successful Event Marketing

Need a strategy that sets your brand apart while gaining a deeper understanding of your audience? Create an event.  From webinars to live workshops, events offer a chance to showcase what your brand offers and discover what your audience actually values. Additionally, you can earn money through tickets and/or upsells. However, to be successful you need an effective marketing plan. Below are three tips for successful event marketing:

Know Where Your Audience Lives

Knowing how and where your audience gets their information is crucial for event marketing (or any marketing for that matter).  This ensures your marketing actually reaches your intended audience. You can find this out using industry research, touchpoint analysis (how people find out about your brand), and audience feedback. Avoid simply guessing or making assumptions based on individual experiences. The goal is to have a comprehensive understanding of how you can connect with your audience.

Identity Marketing Strategies with Most ROI

Once you know where to connect with your audience, build strategies that give you the highest return on investment (ROI). The best way to accomplish this is to emphasize the value of your event. Explain to your audience not only what your event offers but how it can impact their lives. Inspirational posts or silly videos that do not clearly address this are useless. Additionally, think of how your intended audience consumes information. Do they prefer something they can read or would they rather have a video of the information? Is social media the best way to reach them or is email better? Brainstorm different marketing strategies and select those that will generate the biggest response with the least investment.

Incentivize Attendance To the Event

Although the awesomeness of your event should be enough, adding an additional incentive can encourage action.  One of the easiest ways to do this is through a giveaway promotion. Select a product or service that your ideal audience would love to have but does not break the bank. For example, managers may want a more comfortable work environment. Running a raffle for a nice office chair to those who attend may be just the nudge that  You can also use this as an opportunity to promote new services and products. Offer a free trial or a sample for those who attend.  This is a great way to test out innovative ideas and receive live feedback from your audience. For attendees, this allows them to experience what your brand has to offer without the commitment.

Event marketing can be a complex process. The key is to simplify strategies using research and available resources. If the value your event offers resonates with your audience, flashy or expensive tactics are not necessary. Also, keep in mind that even the best campaigns may fall short of event goals. Use this information to strengthen your brand and improve future events.

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