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4 Reasons Big Data Works For Small Business

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Big Data For Small Business: 5 Easy Ways To Use Anaytics. Word cloud with big data in large letters.

“Big Data” is synonymous with huge organizations housed in tall, looming skyscrapers. They buzz around and ask questions like, “What will our shareholders think?” and “Is the jet ready for our Tokyo meeting?” They have billion dollar budgets to support their data-driven strategies. Fortunately, accessing big data is easier and cheaper than ever. This means […]

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Tips To Maximize Social Customer Service

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Premiums: Social Customer Support

Social media presents a unique customer service opportunity for small businesses and other service-based organizations. Instantaneous and highly accessible, organizations can reach their audience directly and foster connections not easily duplicated with traditional communication. It also provides essential information about customer needs.┬áHere are a few tips to maximizes social customer service: Outline customer service rules. […]