Promotional Marketing

Why Product Personalization Works

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By Noelle Brooks In marketing, the more personal your strategies, the more effective your campaign. Promotional products are an excellent way to accomplish this.  After receiving a promotional product, 85 percent of people do business with that company, and the cost per impression is less than traditional media.  This is why gift-giving initiatives are so effective. You […]

Business Strategy

4 Reasons Big Data Works For Small Business

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Big Data For Small Business: 5 Easy Ways To Use Anaytics. Word cloud with big data in large letters.

By Noelle Brooks “Big Data” is synonymous with huge organizations housed in tall, looming skyscrapers. They buzz around and ask questions like, “What will our shareholders think?” and “Is the jet ready for our Tokyo meeting?” They have billion-dollar budgets to support their data-driven strategies. Fortunately, accessing big data is easier and cheaper than ever. […]