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10 Trending Promo Products For College Marketing

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By Noelle Brooks Facing admission declines and growing budget concerns, colleges and universities are searching for ways to differentiate. One of the best ways to increase engagement and target specific demographics is with promotional products. So here are ten trending promo products for college marketing: Wireless Charging Pad Mobile accessories are one of the top categories […]


How To Create A Merchandising Plan That Gets Results

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Originally published Sep 28, 2018. Updated July 26, 2018. By Noelle Brooks Need a highly profitable marketing strategy with long-term impact? Try selling branded merchandise. It boosts revenue and brand recognition. The key is a great strategy. Use these five tips to create a merchandising plan that gets results: Define Your Audience When you create a merchandising plan, […]

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Early Bird Avoids Disaster: How Ordering Early Can Ensure Marketing Success

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Ordering Early Can Prevent Disaster. Picture of red and blue shipping containers stacked in a shipping yard.

By Noelle Brooks As any marketer knows, the key to an effective campaign is planning. Addressing each component in advance minimizes complications that can ruin an otherwise fantastic campaign. This is particularly the case when ordering promotional products. Waiting last minute to get these items may mean losing an effective marketing strategy. Below are examples […]