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Game On: Brandan Wormsbacher On The Power of Play

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Game On: Brandan Wormsbacher On The Power of Play. Picture of a man, smiling, in a black suit, no tie.

Doctor by day and game master by night, Situation Room co-owner Brandan Wormsbacher has brought a new type of entertainment to Macon. Inspired by an escape room trip to Atlanta, Wormsbacher discovered a love for puzzle-based entertainment. He also identified a unique niche that capitalized on the power of play. “We really enjoyed it, but […]

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Choice Spotlight: Qwest’s Linda Brennan

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Picture of Qwest's Linda Brennan, Smililng

Small but mighty, Qwest is a consulting agency that fosters profitable growth for businesses. This growth varies tremendously depending on the company. As a corporateĀ veteran and former business professor, managing partner Linda Brennan is well-qualified for the challenge. “I love being presented with a problem or opportunity and analyzing to break it down,” Brennan said. […]