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Why Product Personalization Works

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By Noelle Brooks In marketing, the more personal your strategies, the more effective your campaign. Promotional products are an excellent way to accomplish this.  After receiving a promotional product, 85 percent of people do business with that company, and the cost per impression is less than traditional media.  This is why gift-giving initiatives are so effective. You […]


The Masters at Augusta and Logo Brand Marketing (Part 1)

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Logo Brand Marketing. Picture of the golf course at the US Masters, Augusta National.

By Jack Henson People sure do love golf. According to Bloomberg, golf revenues totaled $177 billion in 2011. That’s billion, with a “B”. And no golfing event is more highly anticipated than the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. You’ve probably heard of it- the annual tournament hosts the world’s best professional golfers, awarding the coveted Green Jacket to […]