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By Noelle Brooks

Spring Into Action: Steps To Change Your Business Strategy

Spring is officially here, a time for renewal and reflection. For business professionals, the seasonal shift may cause a reassessment of current tactics. Perhaps those plans for the new year have stagnated or failed to even gain traction. Maybe your established techniques are no longer effective. If you are ready to make a change, here are a few steps on how to implement your new business strategy:

Step 1: Establish what needs to change

  • Review company goals.
    • Are your procedures and results aligning with these goals?
  • Use data to identify areas that need improvement.
    • Customer satisfaction survey
    • ROI (return on investment) results
      • Tools such as Google Analytics are great for quantifying your current tactics. If this is not currently a part of your business model, it may be time to add it.
    • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Communicate with management and staff.
    • Discuss issues with members of your company.
    • Gather feedback and suggestions.

Step 2: Create a plan for implementation

  • Assess what resources and tools you need for your new business strategy.
  • Create a timeline.
    • Start with small adjustments that will not severely disrupt the company’s workflow.
  • Make sure steps are in a logical order.
    • Ex: Staff changes how they take payments from customers but the new software has not been properly integrated.

Step 3: Evaluate, review, and adjust

  • Frequent check-ins to evaluate the plan’s effectiveness
  • Review findings using data analytic tools and employee/customer feedback.
  • Adjust as needed, which may include:
    • Better training
    • Better equipment
    • Additional time with resistant or difficult employees

It is also important to celebrate successes along the way. Commemorate milestones and congratulate those who have embraced the change. This creates excitement and recommitment to the new strategy. Although change can be difficult, creating a plan with small, specific steps will facilitate an easier transition.

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