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How Custom Gift Boxes Increase Customer Lifetime Value

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Custom Gift Boxes Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Upclose shot of a white woman in black overalls holding a gift wrapped in brown paper covered with candy canes.

By Noelle Brooks Whether for-profit or nonprofit, acquisition and retention plague most marketing campaigns.  Most spend enormous time, money, and energy addressing these pain points, searching for that special combination that maximizes both. Custom gift boxes are one of the few marketing strategies that accomplish this. They have the wow factor that attracts new customers and the value […]

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5 Steps For An Impactful Gift-Giving Campaign

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5 Steps To Creating An Impactful Gift Giving Campaign

By Noelle Brooks Everyone wants to be appreciated. From customers to employees, a little gratitude can transform passive participants into raving fans. One of the best ways to express this appreciation is through gift giving. Below are five steps for an impactful gift-giving campaign: Research Your Audience Understanding your audience is crucial to effective gift-giving. It […]


3 Tips For Successful Event Marketing

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Tips For Successful Event Marketing

By Noelle Brooks Need a strategy that sets your brand apart while gaining a deeper understanding of your audience? Create an event.  From webinars to live workshops, events offer a chance to showcase what your brand offers and discover what your audience actually values. Additionally, you can earn money through tickets and/or upsells. However, to be […]

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10 Trending Promo Products For College Marketing

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By Noelle Brooks Facing admission declines and growing budget concerns, colleges and universities are searching for ways to differentiate. One of the best ways to increase engagement and target specific demographics is with promotional products. So here are ten trending promo products for college marketing: Wireless Charging Pad Mobile accessories are one of the top categories […]

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Eco-Brand: Top 3 Reasons To Go Green

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Eco-Brand: Eco Brand: Top 3 Reasons To Go Green. Picture of a group of well-dressed professionals holding a green sign shaped like Earth.

By Noelle Brooks Beyond the environmental impact, going green is a great way to establish and grow your brand. From nonprofits to corporations, the benefits of eco-friendly practices are significant.  Below are the top three reasons to go green: Saves Money One of the most compelling reasons to go green is the financial savings. Despite the initial investment, tactics […]