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By Noelle Brooks

Keep The Beat: 3 Ways To Use Music In Marketing.

Since the radio era, music has created some of marketing’s most memorable moments. Advertisements such as “I’d Like To Buy The World a Coke” owe much of their success to their use of music.  This is due to its link to memory, triggering past emotional experiences.  This connection remains despite shifts in technology and consumer habits. Capitalizing on this can greatly improve your visibility. Below are three ways music boosts marketing  for any brand:

Use Low-cost Music Tools

Have a low-performing online ad? Need to share an informative yet boring presentation? Amplify it with music.  Sites such as Stock Music and Audio Blocks offer royalty free music. You could also use local talent. Collaborate with artists to create something truly unique. You never know, it could become the next Mike Hostilo rap.

Partner with Music Events

Concerts and music festivals are inherently social. Those who attend bond over their shared love of an artist. Tapping into this experience can mean big business for your company. You can support monetarily or through in-kind services. And it does not have to be large events. Supporting local music camps or church concerts connects your brand with some of life’s most personal moments.

Find Customers Using Music Tastes

As mentioned previously, music is deeply personal. The songs we listen to reflect our experiences and values. This is priceless information for a business and can provide insight into how your customers think. Spotify allows companies to create playlists that represent their brand. The data collected reflects specific habits and mindsets of current customers and prospects. This helps to create more targeted campaigns in the future.

Whatever tactic you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand’s identity.  Also, support your strategy with additional tactics. Music alone cannot save you from irrelevance. Develop a unique campaign where music is the amplifier, not the main event.  Creativity is great, but do not lose your message.

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