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By Noelle Brooks

How To Stay Motivated Past The New Year Hype. Picture of a man, backwards baseball cap, sitting on the edge of a mountain.

It is already February which means that many of us have abandoned our new year’s resolutions. If you have not, you may be close to giving them up. It was easy to commit to transforming your business while sipping champagne with good friends. But now, you are drowning in deadlines and paperwork, struggling to stay afloat. Perhaps your career goals are more difficult than you thought or you are not getting the expected results. If you need a way to recommit, here are 5 ways to stay motivated past the new year hype:

Accountability Partners Are A Must

We admire those who go it alone. Trailblazers who overcome their challenges to realize their dreams. While the idea of conquering the world solo sounds wonderful, most of us lack the necessary self-discipline. Recruit people to keep you on track. If your goals require commitment from co-workers or employees, emphasize the importance of supporting each other. Foster an environment where colleagues ask for and provide help when needed. Accountability is a team sport.

Focus On The Benefit

What would completing this goal mean for your business? Your future? How will you feel once you have reached this milestone? Take a moment to truly imagine what life will be like once you meet this resolution. Even if its something as small as being more organized, think about the long-term impact. You set this goal for a reason, right? Focus on that reason and use it to keep going. Post it at your wall, at your desk, whatever will help you visualize

Track Progress (Any Progress)

Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated because you do not see the fruits of your labor.  If your goal is big, it may be a while before you see significant results. Let’s say your business implemented a new system for capturing customer data to improve retention. Given the complexity of this goal, it will be a while before you experience shifts in your business. This makes it difficult not only to stay motivated but to know if your tactics are working at all. The best way to address these issues is to track your progress. Depending on the goal, how you track will be different, but the basic concept remains the same. Monitor everything you do and take note of the results, no matter how small. Make sure to identify key benchmarks to qualify your progress.

Go Through The Motions

One of the best ways to get over a slump is to just do it. Concentrating on the process is often easier than creating enthusiasm for it. Start by making a list of what needs to be done, complete with steps to get there. If you have multiple tasks of equal importance, decide which one to tackle first and stick to it. Focus on one task at a time. It may be difficult at first, painstaking even, but sometimes you just have to eat your vegetables.

Try A Different Approach

I get it. You took that 3-day seminar with a renowned guru who gave you a 3-step formula for infinite success. If it worked for him, why not you? Not to be too cheesy, but you are your own person. Additionally, the challenges your organization faces may not fit a one-size fits all strategy. Do not do not give into defeat because things are not going to plan. Experiment with different strategies, adjusting as necessary. What is good for a guru is not always good for you.

In addition to these tips, make sure to practice self-compassion. Forgive yourself for falling short at times. It is okay to stumble, to fall into old habits when working towards your goals. The trick is to recognize it and take steps to move forward. This will help you stay motivated past the new year. Who needs hype when you have a plan?

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