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By Noelle Brooks5 Ways To Make the Most of "Get To Know Your Customers Day"

National Get To Know Your Customers Day is a great marketing opportunity for any organization. Occurring the third Thursday of every quarter, it is a chance to understand what makes your customers tick.  Here are a few ways to make the most of the day:

Send A Thank You Note

People love receiving something unexpected. Write a note to your customers, thanking them for their loyalty. Sweeten the gesture with a gift. Check out our New Releases collection for fresh and unique gift ideas.

Use Social Media

Engage with your customers online. Ask questions and encourage your followers to share their stories, which do not have to be related to your organization. The goal is to understand who they are beyond their transactions with your business. Make sure to use #gettoknowyourcustomersday with all your posts.

Conduct A Survey

While not the most exciting option, surveys are a comprehensive way of getting to know your customers. You gain insight on how your organization is performing and where it needs to improve. Boost participation with discounts and giveaways.

Celebrate A Customer

Invite your customers to share their experience with your business. Highlight at least one of these stories on your website and/or social media accounts. And it does not have to just be related to your business. Showcase personal achievements and passions. Make at least one customer feel truly appreciated.

Host An Open House

This a fantastic way to get to know your existing clients and possibly gain new ones. Choice Premiums hosted an open house in September, inviting community members to come and mingle. Food, drinks, and free swag were available, and some attendees stayed well into the night. If you cannot host an all-night soiree, light refreshments and casual conversation can go a long way to strengthening your customer relationships.

Even if you are unable to take advantage of Get To Know Your Customers Day this month, these tactics can be used throughout the year. There is never a wrong time to learn more about those who support your organization.

If you need additional ideas, visit Choice Premiums or contact us at or 478-741-8888.

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