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By Noelle Brooks

The Art of Last Minute Holiday Marketing

With the holiday season well underway, most organizations have launched their holiday marketing campaigns. For those who have not, it is not too late to take advantage of a huge promotional opportunity. Here are some ways to make the most of this year’s season of giving:

Use Social Media

Ask your followers holiday-themed questions. Present unique gift ideas. Social media is perfect for flash sales and countdown giveaways. Contests are also great because it requires audience engagement. Whatever strategy you use, do it frequently and consistently.

Capitalize On The “Last Minute” Culture

Make your late start appear to be an incredibly savvy marketing strategy. Email suggestions for “last minute” gifts. Entice holiday procrastinators with special discounts and incentives. If your organization provides a service, show how it can alleviate your customers’ holiday stress. If you are a nonprofit, remind potential donors it’s never too late to give. You can even offer inexpensive gifts to those who take advantage of your last minute offers. Procrastination can pay off.

Partnerships Go A Long Way

Forging a partnership helps legitimize your organization while alleviating some of the marketing burden. It also shows that you are able to play well with others, a trait customers and patrons admire. Make sure any partnership that is created is fair and reciprocal. Creating good relationships now can help your organization beyond the holidays.

Leverage Your Existing Customers

This is your primary demographic for holiday marketing. The best way to reach this audience is through personalized efforts. Send out emails about exclusive offers and opportunities just for current customers. Send out cards and small gifts as a thank you for their support. Make those who have contributed to your organization’s success feel like rock-stars. Because they are.

By implementing these holiday marketing strategies, you gain a promotional boost that can continue into next year. These techniques can be altered depending on your organization’s audience and goals. You may be last minute this year, but you will be ahead next time.

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