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This year, normalcy has become an elusive concept we all want to return to but are unsure how. 2020 has given us unprecedented natural disasters, economic disruption, and social unrest with a global pandemic as the backdrop. Organizations clamor for level ground, only to lose footing as another catastrophe rolls through. The absence of face-to-face interaction has complicated these challenges, and many are searching for new ways to connect. Gift-giving is an excellent way to bridge the communication divide created by the pandemic. When executed correctly, gift-giving helps pandemic recovery by offering a safe, memorable, and personal way to reengage clients and employees.

Gift-Giving Is Social Distance Friendly

While some organizations have returned to normal operations, many are still implementing social distancing guidelines. There are also individuals and families still quarantining nationwide. Gift-giving offers a safe method of interaction that can brighten an otherwise bleak situation. It also shows that your organization is conscientious, with a concern for safety and well-being. ( To make gift-giving even easier and safer, Choice Premiums has drop shipping options available for a number of our products. Just ask!). And when you are stuck at home, an unexpected package may be just the pick me up you need.

Gift-Giving Is Engaging And Personal

According to a 2015 study conducted by Daily Gallup, 83% of consumers feel positively about receiving packages. This can likely be attributed to the personal, one-to-one nature of direct mail, creating a singular experience between the sender and the recipient. It also reflects your organization’s sense of generosity and a particular investment in personal relationships. You can reconnect with clients without appearing desperate and salesy and engage remote employees in need of a morale boost.

Additionally, gift-giving triggers an emotional reaction for both parties in the exchange. The act of giving fulfills a social desire to spread goodwill and be a part of something bigger. The recipient feels appreciated and valued, triggering a sense of belonging. Personalized items, especially with names, strengthen the relationship-building aspect of giving by treating recipients like individuals. And during a time when people are experiencing so much indiscriminate bad, why not provide a uniquely personal and positive experience?

Gift-Giving Is Memorable

While digital communication is easier and more cost-efficient than other methods, its pervasiveness creates fatigue. We are bombarded with emails, texts, and ads on a continuous basis. And the ding of yet another notification is more likely to generate an eye roll than a swell of excitement. Gift-giving allows you to rise above the digital noise and stand out from others vying for your audience’s attention.

There is also the visual and tactile nature of gifts that creates a more memorable experience. The opening of the box. The crinkle of the paper. The look and feel of a beautiful, personalized mug or butter-soft fleece blanket. You’re imagining right now, aren’t you? There is a deep, visceral response to an attractive, well-thought-out gift, creating an engaging experience for the senses.

Gift-Giving Boosts Marketing Impact

While concepts of goodwill and relationship building are great, effective marketing impact is crucial. Gift-giving can create brand advocates, so impressed with their experience they help promote your organization through referrals and rave reviews. Also, direct mail campaigns have an open rate of 90%, and the response rate 30 times higher than email. Most digital marketing campaigns are lucky to have results half as effective. Actually, 96% of digital marketers say this tactic (a form of personalized marketing) improves customer relationships and that they are five times more likely to get a response compared to email.

Also, a well-placed logo on a product extends marketing beyond the recipient. On average, promotional products receive 2300 impressions over their lifetime across product types, and their lifespan is typically a year or more. Keep in mind, however, that this is a gift, so you want your logo to be understated and tasteful. Our marvelous brains still take note of it, and 85% of consumers recall the organization that gave them a promotional product.

While giving a gift will not solve all the difficulties related to this extremely difficult year, it’s a start towards normal. And isn’t that all any of us want?

Still not sure how gift-giving helps pandemic recovery for your organization? Contact us and we can discuss ways to create an impactful yet cost-efficient gift campaign.

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