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By Noelle Brooks

4 Ways Guerrilla Marketing Boosts Your Brand

There is no denying that digital marketing is crucial for brand development. No other form of marketing provides the same level of instant access at mass scale. However, with so many voices online, it is difficult to be heard above the noise. Additionally, consumers often ignore anything that resembles a standard advertisement. Unconventional and unexpected, guerrilla marketing is the perfect megaphone. Below are four ways guerrilla marketing can boost your brand:

Strengthen Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your brand. People value the opinions of their peers. They trust recommendations from those around them and want to ensure they are a part of the conversation. Guerrilla marketing is can generate word of mouth in a significantly personal way. For example, UNICEF launched a “dirty water” campaign where people could buy dirty bottled water from vending machines. This tactic forced people to reflect on the privilege of having access to clean water. It sparked discussions worldwide, generating $6 million for water, sanitation and hygiene programs within a decade. While the subject was unsettling, the success of this campaign rests on personalizing the issue. To be the brand on everyone’s lips, you need to establish their individual stakes.

Establish Community Connections

Digital marketing makes it easier than ever to connect with audiences far and wide. However, a supportive local community invested in your brand’s success contributes to long-term growth. Additionally, a brand that has strong connections within its community is viewed more favorably by those outside the community.  JM&Sons, a company that creates furniture from reclaimed wood, set up a shop in a shipping container. Creating a brick and mortar experience firmly established their presence in the local community. The success of this campaign garnered national attention, expanding their reach and becoming an example of effective marketing. The lesson here that localized campaigns can generate larger-than-life results.

Minimize Marketing Costs

Since guerrilla marketing does not follow traditional rules, brands can be crafty with how they convey their message. With some creative ingenuity, you can make something unique and memorable with almost zero budget. For the Lost Keys Literary Festival, I organized a pop-up performance for the first year of the event. We used local actors and a local musician to create a Macbeth style announcement for the festival downtown. It was memorable, generating buzz about a brand new event. It cost zero dollars and showcased talent within our community. This same concept can be used by other organizations to bring attention to their products and services. The key is to assess your resources and discover interesting ways to utilize them.

Actualize Your Brand Story

With guerrilla marketing, you can create something original and innovative that truly represents your brand.  A great example of this is from Greene King Brewery. This company manages over 3,100 pubs, restaurants, and hotels across England, Wales, and Scotland. As retailers began to move in and push out small businesses, Greene King Brewery decided to emphasize the importance of pubs in the community.  The company had 50 pubs record their story and present the films to the public. This type of guerrilla marketing does more than shock people to action. It establishes context for why a brand matters.

While guerrilla marketing sidesteps rules, you still need a way to measure results. One way to accomplish this is with promotional products. You can hand out items during the campaign with a QR code or link to a landing page to track engagement. This transforms your campaign from a gimmick to a strategy that grows your brand.

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