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By Noelle Brooks

Impact of Promotional Gift Giving











Relationship building is key to business success. It is four times harder to attract a new client than retain an existing one, making customer appreciation efforts crucial. Promotional gift giving bolsters your brand while recognizing those who currently support it. It is an excellent strategy for any organization. Here are tips on executing an effective gift giving campaign:

Do Not Go For The Hard Sell

Although the goal of gift giving is to encourage future business, a hard sell diminishes the impact. No one wants to receive a gift with an expectation attached. This makes promotional products a great option. It allows your organization to promote your brand without overt marketing. Promotional gifts are also kept at least two years after they are received. This means brand promotion long after the initial interaction.

Appeal To Your Audience

Before sending a gift, consider the characteristics of your client and your relationship with them. It is important not to bore or offend your recipient. If your customer is the head of a tech company, a steel paperweight may not be the best gift. Also, be mindful of the cost. Expensive, lavish gifts for new clients can be off-putting and may even be viewed as a bribe.

Show Personality

Choose gifts that reflect your organization’s brand. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box. Send a gift that is unique and makes a statement. Beyond simply showing appreciation, you want to demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition. Be creative, yet professional.

Time Carefully

The holidays are perfect for gift giving. It is also the most predictable time to send gifts.  A summer campaign featuring fun, seasonal items may have more impact. Commemorate milestones and acknowledge significant transactions. Assess what works best for your organization and those you serve.

Gift giving is a great engagement tool.  Almost any organization can use this strategy for a variety of reasons. When executed correctly, the marketing potential is substantial. A little generosity goes a long way.

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