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By Noelle Brooks

Four Ways To Get Millennials To Care About Your Brand

As one of the most dynamic generations, millennials are a key demographic for businesses.  They have changed the consumer landscape, setting the standards for modern engagement. Additionally, their significant buying power makes millennials a coveted group for marketers.  With so many clamoring for their attention, how does one stand out? Here are four tips to get millennials to care about your brand:

Connect Strategies To A Causes

As the most connected generation to date, millennials are highly aware. They are cause-oriented and want brands that reflect their personal beliefs. For co-ops and nonprofits, it’s a matter of making it easy to connect. For more corporate organizations, strong charitable practices are key. Create initiatives that impact the community. Partner with organizations that share your company’s ethics. The more your company cares, the more likely millennials will care about your brand.

Create Authentic Content

Despite being viewed as superficial, millennials are quick to recognize inauthenticity. They respect companies that are transparent and produce content that reflects their truth. While knowing the latest memes and hashtags is great, what you create should align with your brand. Sending a tweet about the latest rap beef may not make sense for a realty company. Avoid the temptation to “be cool” and just be real. For millennials, that’s the coolest thing of all (at least, cooler than that statement).

Do Not Be Afraid To Get Personal

One of the best ways to be authentic is to create avenues for personal connection. Make it easy for your audience to engage with your brand. Share past challenges and favorite victories. Additionally, millennials want to feel like they are a part of something. Encourage customers to share their own stories. This will create personal connections and generate content for your brand.

Provide Long-Term Value

Millennials want products and services that have lasting value. This makes promotional products the perfect advertising tactic. Items such as bags and office accessories are popular with this demographic due to their reusability. Millennials also love free stuff and are more likely to recall a brand that gave them free swag. However, millennials associate with organizations they trust, which makes brand development crucial.

It is also important to remember that not every millennial is the same.  Refer to your buyer personas to develop targeted marketing strategies. The more specific your plan,  the better.

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