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By Noelle Brooks

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Beyond the environmental impact, going green is a great way to establish and grow your brand. From nonprofits to corporations, the benefits of eco-friendly practices are significant.  Below are the top three reasons to go green:

Saves Money

One of the most compelling reasons to go green is the financial savings. Despite the initial investment, tactics such as solar panel installation reduce costs and increase energy efficiency.  Smaller steps like switching to a Nest Thermostat or using smart light bulbs also help with energy conservation. Another great way to save is to go paperless by using cloud services. Not only does this minimize supply costs, but it increases efficiency by streamlining daily processes. Higher efficiency equals decreased operating costs. There are also potential tax breaks and incentives for businesses that go green.

Creates A Competitive Advantage

Adopting green initiatives is an excellent way to distinguish your brand. One, it establishes your organization as current and relevant. Currently, almost 90% of the population believes the demand for sustainable products and companies will continue to grow. By becoming an eco-brand, you are presenting your organization as forward-thinking and future driven. Two, green initiatives attract customers who prefer eco-friendly companies. This may sound like a small demographic, but about 80% of consumers review a brand’s environmental commitment before making a purchase. Three, eco-friendly initiatives are great for publicity and marketing. The opportunities for partnerships, community involvement, and online promotion are virtually endless.

Improves Employee Sustainability

Hiring and retaining great talent is an issue for most organizations, particularly nonprofits and small businesses. With 79% of job seekers searching for environmentally friendly companies, creating an eco-brand helps attract the best hires. Green initiatives also boost employee morale. They create a sense of purpose and encourage collaboration and involvement. Knowing that your company actually cares helps improve productivity and strengthen commitment.  Even certain initiatives such as reducing chemical use can actually improve employee health.

Now that you know the reasons to go green, here are a few ways to make the shift. Start small, assessing minor changes that can be quickly implemented. Develop a green plan, outlining key eco-friendly strategies, their costs, and their impact.  Organizations such as the Green Business Bureau help small brands establish green initiatives that are sustainable and manageable. If you are not ready to change your business model, there’s another way to create an eco-brand. Give clients and employees green products from the Choice Eco Friendly Collection. These items have higher perceived value and show your organization is at the very least environmentally conscious. Whatever strategy you choose, make sure to execute with planning and commitment. Otherwise, it’s another trendy tactic with limited impact.

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