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By Noelle Brooks

The Five Types of Drinkware Personas. Picture of different colored coffee cups.

Owned by 53% of Americans, drinkware is one of the most influential promotional product. Useful, versatile and highly customizable, drinkware appeals to virtually any demographic. But with so many options, how do you choose? Here are five drinkware personas to get started:

The Caffeinator

A lover of all things warm and caffeinated, this group is constantly on the move. They have busy lives and need ways to keep up. Caffeinators are driven by success (or just a need to stay upright). They want products that are convenient and useful. Mugs and tumblers are great for this group.  They are functional and reusable, helping caffeinators maintain their buzz all day long.

The Hydrator

Fit and active, hydrators make deliberate choices. They know that anything worth doing requires hard work. Hydrators are fanatics about their hobbies and interests. They value items that support their active lifestyles and add value to their lives. Water bottles and tumblers are a great match for this group. Both functional and durable, these items are ready for any challenge.

The “Coast For The Most”

This group is driven by one thing-what is the most they can get for the least?  They seek out sales, pursue discounts and price shop til they drop.  Although they want a bargain, they do not want something that looks cheap. They value attractive and reusable products that make their lives easier. Given their low-cost and visual appeal, coasters are a great option for this group.

The Cup of Fun

Carefree and creative, this group’s preferences shift as quickly as the wind. They refuse to be confined by expectations or responsibilities. They value ease of use and minimal upkeep. Products that are fun and low cost are right up their alley. Plastic cups are excellent for this group because they are diverse and low maintenance.

The Collector

Collectors have high expectations. They value high-quality and spare no expense to get it (within reason). Collectors work tirelessly to craft a specific image. They want products that reflect this personal brand. Unique drinkware like etched glasses or custom tumblers are perfect for this group.

Use these drinkware personas as a guide. Adjust based on your organization’s demographics. Make sure to use other strategies such a social media promotion to boost impact. The key is to align strategies with both short-term and long-term goals. The more comprehensive, the better. Check out the Choice Drinkware collection for cool product ideas.

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