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By Noelle Brooks

Direct Mail Campaigns Improve Brand Awareness. Picture of four black mailboxes on a wooden fence.
In a world where a message from India can reach a company in North Dakota in 10 seconds, mail feels like an outdated concept. Unless it’s that cat sweater you ordered with free shipping, who cares about mail? As it turns out, about 98% of Americans check the mail daily, cat sweater or not. Of these consumers, about 65% made a purchase based on a mailed promotion.  How is this possible? For part one of the direct mail series, we will discuss how mail is still a viable marketing strategy.

Why Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Minimal Distractions 

Mail is an intimate experience. There is no link to click or inbox to check. It forces the recipient to take note of the message and address it. Even if the promotion is dismissed, your message was briefly the center of your prospect’s attention.

Establishes Emotional Connection 

Despite the ease of digital communication, 51% of consumers like a combination of email and mail marketing. Much like music, mail is a sensory experience that can trigger past emotional experiences. This creates a personal connection with your brand unique to other promotional methods.

Brains Love Print

While digital is great, print is easier to process. It takes less cognitive effort, providing the simplicity and organization brains crave. Combined with concise copy and engaging graphics, mail campaigns are a winning strategy.

Marketing Factors Direct Mail Addresses

The Unique Factor

With so many options available, discovering what makes your brand unique is crucial for success. Direct mail offers a prime opportunity to showcase your organization’s identity. Since mail is not the most common marketing tactic, your brand will instantly stand out, leaving an impression with the consumer.

The Engagement Factor

Direct mail is one of the few remaining methods that require a consumer’s undivided attention. Additionally, the tangible element strengthens consumers ability to understand new information. This contributes to deeper impressions and higher response rates.

The Credibility Factor

The ease of technology has led to a high saturation of low-quality ads from less than reputable sources. This has created distrust among consumers. Mail does not have the same stigma. As a result, it is easier to establish authority and boost brand credibility.

Direct mail is a great way to improve your brand awareness. Although it comes at a higher price point, the impact is undeniable. To learn how to implement an effective mailing campaign, stay tuned for part two of the direct mail series.

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