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By Noelle Brooks

Be Direct: How Direct Mail Campaigns Improve Brand Awareness Part 2. Picture of a small chest tan chest with a latch, covered in stamps.

In part one of this direct mail series, we discussed how mail still attracts customers. For part two, we will review best practices and strategies for implementing a direct mail campaign.

Ways To Maximize Direct Mail’s Marketing Impact

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your mail marketing campaign:

Segment Your Audience

As with any marketing tactic, it is only as effective as your targeting. Refer to your buyer personas to determine needs and best motivators. Are your customers high-level executives who need to impress clients? Are they young entrepreneurs needing easy and cost-effective business solutions? Use the answers to these questions to inform your direct mail campaign.

Encourage Action

Determine what action you want recipients to take and center your campaign around this goal. Is it more visitors to your website? More sales for a particular product or service?  Make your call to action clear and specific.

Be Visual

One reason direct mail works is because of its brevity. Visuals are the best way to quickly convey your message. Great graphics also increase the chances recipients will open your promotion and recall your brand.

Follow up

This is important for two reasons. One, it builds a relationship with potential customers. Two, it provides a way to monitor your campaign. The insights gained can be invaluable to your business. Include a link to a landing page that collects contact information. Add a QR code that allows recipients to download your app. Whatever you choose, make sure it is easy to complete as well as to track.

Types of Direct Mail Campaigns

There are numerous ways to conduct a direct mail campaign. Below are a few types of direct mail campaigns that can improve brand awareness:


Everyone loves a good discount. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to boost your brand with direct mail. A person who may have never heard of your company before is suddenly clamoring to purchase your newest product. Additionally, consumers love mailed coupons. In fact, 87% of millennials made a purchase based on a coupon they received.


While it may seem gimmicky, contests are a great way to quickly transform prospects into customers. They create buzz about your product or service and foster active engagement. There is also a positive association with winning that lasts long after the contest.


Free stuff is the best stuff. Sending a promotion with a gift that reflects your brand is a great way to increase awareness. Offering a gift free of charge also creates a favorable impression of your company. It reflects your confidence in your brand and your willingness to invest in customers. Even if your free gift does not result in an immediate sale, consumers love using promotional products. You have created a walking billboard that will promote your brand long after the giveaway.


If you offer highly specialized services or products, an informational campaign is the way to go. It is important that prospects have a clear understanding of what your organization offers. Make sure to be creative, presenting information in fun and interesting ways.

Best Direct Mail Products

Be Direct: How Direct Mail Campaigns Improve Brand Awareness Part 2. Jeff Powers Attorney at Law Business Magnet.
Choice Magna-Peel Postcard


Both highly visual and concise, magnets are perfect for direct mail campaigns. They provide a quick reference to key information about your organization. From business card magnets to Magna-peel postcards, the choices are virtually endless.


Producing more impressions than any other promotional item, bags are an excellent choice.  With direct mail, a canvas or nonwoven bag works best. Get inspired with this nonwoven grocery tote for Northwestern REC.


These low-cost items have a high ROI due to their functionality and longevity. Perfect for any industry, pens come in different styles, such as the Decker Stylus Twist Pen. This simplifies targeting and maximizes your brand’s reach.

Use any combination of these strategies to create a campaign that aligns with your goals. Start small, targeting a specific demographic. Analyze your results and assess challenges and opportunities. The lessons learned will help with future campaigns.

If you are ready to start your direct mail campaign or have additional questions, contact Choice Premiums at 478-741-8888 or 

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