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By Noelle Brooks

Defeat These Four Marketing Challenges With Promotional Products. Picture of a blue promotional USB product next to a silver laptop.

Despite its importance, marketing is often found at the bottom of the to-do list. This is particularly true for small businesses and nonprofits, who often have limited resources. As a result, many organizations struggle with brand development and promotion. So what is an overworked professional to do? Below are ways promotional products can help defeat four common marketing challenges:

Low Lead Generation

With the sheer amount of options available, lead generation can be difficult.  So where do you start? First, identify where you get most of your leads. Then incentivize these channels with promotional products. For example, if most of your leads come from expos and tradeshows, offer specific gifts based on specific actions, like signing up for your newsletter. The more involved the task, the more high-end the gift. This can also work online, offering a free limited time gift for those who sign up for a consultation or quote. This generates more qualified leads that you can convert into customers.

Low Customer Conversion

So you got a lead. Yay. But how do you get them to convert? Refer to your buyer personas. Focus on touchpoints. Look for places where branding, messaging and design can create a more unified customer experience. Determine what technology can help in this mission. Then use promotional products to encourage conversion at each stage of the sales funnel. Create urgency by offering a high-end gift to the first 50 buyers of your service or product. Or offer a nice, inexpensive item to new customers for their first purchase. Send prospects a personal message to claim their free gift (with the purchase of your product or service of course).

High Customer Turnover

So that’s it, right? You got leads and customers so you have fixed all your marketing woes, right?  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Even if you manage to generate leads and convert customers, retention is a source of contention, (hey, that rhymed), for most organizations. As mentioned previously, it is a buyer’s market, which means high quality and affordable prices are not enough to ensure your new customers stay your customers. A great way to increase loyalty is through a referral program. Encourage existing clients to recommend your company with branded incentives. Reward loyalty with thank-you items. Send gifts for birthdays and holidays.  If you have a customer who you have not heard from in a while, send a gift along with a note to reconnect.

Small Budget

If part of your marketing struggle is due to budget constraints, purchasing promotional products seem like a waste. However, there are a few reasons why promotional products may be the best way to spend your money. One, the cost per impression is only $0.7, lower than other traditional marketing channels. Two, using promotional products is the number one way to encourage action. Additionally, there are a variety of inexpensive promotional products that are still impactful. Check out our $3 or Less collection and find the perfect item for your next campaign.

While promotional products can help you overcome these marketing challenges, they only work paired with strategic planning. Research your customers and industry and use this knowledge to inform your decisions.  Without this, the last thing on your to-do list will be to close up shop.

Ready to conquer your marketing challenges with an amazing campaign? Contact Choice Premiums at 478-741-8888 or to get started. 

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