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By Noelle Brooks

 Custom Gift Boxes Increase Customer Lifetime Value. Upclose shot of a white woman in black overalls holding a gift wrapped in brown paper covered with candy canes.
Whether for-profit or nonprofit, acquisition and retention plague most marketing campaigns.  Most spend enormous time, money, and energy addressing these pain points, searching for that special combination that maximizes both. Custom gift boxes are one of the few marketing strategies that accomplish this. They have the wow factor that attracts new customers and the value that encourage long-term investment. However, it is only effective when properly executed. Use this guide to increase customer lifetime value with custom gift boxes.

Know Your Audience (Like, Really Know Them)

Knowing your audience is fundamental to creating an effective marketing campaign. For gift boxes, it is essential to have in-depth buyer personas that go beyond titles and purchasing habits. You need to understand what motivates them, how they spend their downtime. Having this information will help create custom boxes they can use in their everyday life. For example, if you are a construction company that works with commercial clients, you most likely know when they like to buy, the method of communication they prefer, and how much they typically spend. But do you know what they do when they are not at work? Do you know what makes them excited about their day? How they like to spend their off time? Favorite color, perhaps? If you don’t, find out! This information will help you choose the best products for a custom gift box.

Choose Products With High Perceived Value

Cost is always a factor with any marketing strategy. Striking a balance between expense and impact is essential, particularly with promotional products. Although 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with those who have given them promotional items, it is easy to overspend. The key is to choose items that either enrich or improve the lives of your clients. Let’s say your target market is medical professionals. They tend to lead busy lives, working long, stressful hours. Instead of choosing one impressive item, send them a care package with some essential oils and an eye mask. The more specific and personalized the gift is, the higher the perceived value.

Develop Ways To Capture Feedback

The only way to know if your campaign was successful is through feedback. There are a few ways to accomplish this. You can include a CTA (call to action) in the package. Encourage recipients to call you directly or send back an included survey. Go digital with a custom site link or QR code to provide feedback or to schedule an appointment. If you have the resources, direct calls or in-person visits work best. This way you have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions and deepen that relationship.

While custom gift boxes are a great way to stand out, they are most effective when aligned with specific goals and strategies. Clearly identify desired outcomes and how this strategy will help you achieve them. Use tactics such as online contests to get contact information from prospects. Develop timelines and milestones for each part of the process. This keeps you on track and makes the campaign easier to complete. Otherwise, this strategy is as effective as filling a box with cash and chucking it out the window.

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