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By Noelle Brooks

Four Ways To Create A Stellar Recruitment Plan. Picture of a black megaphone and the words 'We Are Hiring' on the right side with a red background.
Whether you are a university recruiter searching for plucky seniors to boost your campus, or a hiring manager developing strategies to attract innovative talent, a strong recruitment plan is a must. While traditional, catch-all methods can be effective, the numbers of options available gives applicants the power of choice. So how do you attract people that not only want to be a part of your organization, but can meaningfully contribute? Here are four ways to create a stellar recruitment plan:

Stick With Your Core

When determining what your organization needs in a candidate, it can be difficult not to over-complicate. Often, a team of savvy yet overzealous professionals collaborate on crafting the perfect job description based on current need, past performance and industry standards. This can lead to a post chock full of buzzwords like “corporate culture” and high-level ideas that candidates do not understand. With college recruiting, ambiguous program guidelines can confuse potential talent. There is also the temptation to develop elaborate campaigns that do not reflect your organization. A flashy commercial is great for getting attention, but if it doesn’t convey your core values, you will not attract the right prospects.

To begin, consider what really matters to your organization. Do not be concerned with industry standards and maximum applicant generation. The goal is to create a specific profile or persona of the type of candidates you need. This includes skills as well as less concrete traits such as emotional intelligence. Also, consider how your choice will impact the current culture. Use this information to guide your recruitment decisions. To make sure you are sticking with your core principles, trying summing up what you need in a few words. Not only does this method encourage simplicity, but can be transformed into a call to action or hashtag. Which leads to the next step…

Create A Brand For Candidates

As mentioned above, using a powerful phrase to market your organization is an excellent way to attract top talent. Transform your listing into a movement, rallying people behind a strong message. Talented candidates want to feel a part of something. They want their work to matter. By creating a campaign that speaks to your brand, you stand out among candidates and consumers.  For more tips, check out this article by Tiny Pulse about social media recruitment.

But promotion is not enough. It is important to develop a comprehensive brand that targets ideal applicants. To accomplish this, focus on all elements of your organization’s image. Offering “innovative projects” is great, but if your website is dated those savvy professionals may pass on the opportunity. Pay close attention to reviews from former employees and students.  Address both positive and negative comments, showing your brand’s willingness to embrace criticism. You can also use branded products to connect with top talent. Tech products are a great option for this type recruitment. One of the best examples of this is from Red 5 Studios. This company sent I-Pods to 100 top candidates with a special message from their CEO. Although this occurred about 10 years old (what even is an I-Pod??), it remains a unique and memorable way to attract talent.

Find Your Prospects Where They Live

Again, targeting is a must for an effective recruitment plan. It is not enough to just post and wait. Figure out where these future trailblazers get their information, how they spend their downtime, the sources that feed their interests. If you need students for a socially-driven education program, visit local schools and community centers for potential candidates. If you need savvy web developers, share the opportunity on tech websites and apps. A recent trend is hosting a virtual open house. Interested applicants signup for a webinar to learn about the organization. Attendees have their questions answered in real time and are given instructions on how to apply. This weeds out unqualified candidates early, saving time and money.

However, traditional methods such as education and job fairs are still effective. Aside from the value of an in-person interaction, you can conduct mini-interviews to qualify candidates. Some organizations even opt to create one specific day where prospects can apply. This allows your organization to get through applicants quickly and speed up the hiring process. Referrals are another excellent way to get qualified talent. Employees already have the skinny on your organization. Additionally, they are likely to refer candidates who will do great work. Incentivize referrals with prizes and gifts (perhaps something unique from our Unwired Collection?) to encourage participation.

Use Relevant Metrics To Qualify Results

No matter what strategies you use, develop metrics to measure success. These metrics need to be specific and directly relate your organization’s key goals. If you are a business, great hires should lead to higher productivity and revenue. For non-profits, higher community engagement and increased attendees should shift when new members join the team. It is crucial to determine what factors are most important to your organizations. Then make clear connections between significant goals and recruitment efforts. The only way to know that you recruitment plan is a stellar one is with results backed by valuable data. Otherwise, you are just another voice in a sea of brands, starving for talent.

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