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By Noelle Brooks

Conquer The Chair: How To Overcome Business Fears

It’s National Dentist Day, honoring a profession that typically causes more fear than appreciation. Many of us dread the dentist, missing routine checkups and delaying necessary procedures to avoid a visit. We know it will be unpleasant, possibly painful, and choose to skip the experience altogether. This fear prevents us from living the highest quality of life possible. Similarly, business professionals may be afraid to take certain risks that could mean business success. If this is you, below are steps on conquering “the chair” and overcoming your business fears:

Get To “The Root” Of Your Fear

There is always a reason for why we are afraid. It could as be as specific as a bad past experience or a more generalized aversion to failure. Take time to identify what causes your fear. Analyze its validity. More often than not, our fear is based on improbable possibilities and irrational beliefs. Consider whether the reason for your fear outweighs the reward from taking a chance.

Knowledge Is Power

After deciding to make a change, arm yourself with knowledge. The more you learn about a new strategy or tactic, the better prepared you feel and the less afraid you become. Research others who have made similar decisions, reviewing methods and outcomes. Create a contingency plan in case your big play backfires. Although risk-taking is necessary for business, thorough preparation is just plain smart.

Set Realistic Expectations

This is often easier said than done. Most business professionals are high achievers, always seeking the next, new challenge. Go big or go home. Given this mindset, it can be difficult to lower one’s expectations and create small, manageable goals. However, this is crucial when making changes with your business, especially if it is something you fear.

Trust Your Instincts

They have gotten you this far. Instincts are our greatest resources when facing the unknown. They were crafted by years of experience and knowledge, ready to engage at a moment’s notice. Do not dismiss them. Rely on one of the best toolkits nature has to offer.

Have Patience (And Then More Patience)

Overcoming fears can be a long process, especially if they are connected with long-held beliefs. Be patient. Rome was not built in a day. To achieve big goals, you have to be willing to put in the time. Persevere and remind yourself that the end result is worth the effort.

Believe In Yourself

Cheesy, but true. You succeed by believing that you can. Those who doubt or question themselves will never get past the fear. Trust that you have what it takes to accomplish your goals and overcome your business fears. Future you will be forever grateful.

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