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By Noelle Brooks

Five Common Pain Points Solved With Promotional Products. Picture of a brown and white cat with a grumpy expression.

Was one of your resolutions this year to step up your marketing game? If so, you’ve come to the right place! If not, well, considering 63% of businesses say that generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge, maybe it should be. While video remains one of the most effective strategies out there, customer experience and personalization are just as important. This is where promotional products come in. Below are five common pain points solved with promotional products:

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Pain Point One: Qualified Leads

You have more leads and prospects than you know what to do with, but struggle to close the deal. What can you do?

Solution: Give away items with a QR code to set up calls or appointments with your organization. You can use an online QR Generator, or check to see if it’s included with an existing marketing tool (our email provider, Constant Contact, has a code generator!).  For more engagement, offer an entry in a bigger giveaway for those who take action. Include a pre-screening survey to make sure you get the most qualified leads to improve conversion rates.

Pain Point Two: Customer Turnover

You get customers but they are not staying. The turnover rate is as high or even higher than the acquisition rate. How can you stop the cycle?

Solution: Customers leave for two reasons: you are not meeting a need or they do not feel your offer is unique – they can get it from anyone. Address both issues with a loyalty program. Reward customers not only based on specific actions but just for being a customer. Expand to a follow-up initiative to re-engage past clients. An easy way to stay top of mind is with our Rain Alertz umbrellas, which provide a branded weather notification straight to your customers’ phone!

Pain Point Three: Brand Recognition

You have some leads and customers, but no one really knows who you are. And if they do, they are confused by what they see. How can you increase your reach and do so clearly and concisely?

Solution: The key to brand recognition is high saturation. The more people see you, the stronger the impact. Create a hashtag that represents the mission/vision of your organization. Put that hashtag on any & everything, even office supplies. Not only does this make your brand more visible, but it shows it has a purpose.

Pain Point Four: Student Retention

You recruit qualified students primed for success. However, your school’s graduation rates are stagnant or declining. What can be done?

Solution: The road to graduation is a long one, riddled with pitfalls and missed opportunities. Develop a retention initiative that helps students at every stage, particularly during the class enrollment period. Provide a list of available resources on a useful promo product, like a nice reusable tote or journal to keep students informed. Up the initiative efforts for junior and senior students.

Pain Point Five: Employee Retention

The best of the best come to your organization but quickly leave for greener pastures. Or, you struggle to find qualified employees that don’t crumble under pressure. How can you keep better employees for longer?

Solution: To attract qualified employees, host a mixer and invite your ideal candidates. Solidify what you stand for with reusable cups that outline the company’s core values. Learn more about recruitment planning in this blog post. If you need ways to keep employees, develop an incentive program where points are earned for rewards.

These are just a handful of challenges that organizations face and these solutions may not be the perfect fit for everyone. However, the primary takeaway is that in 2020, engagement strategies must go beyond the standard fare of lead magnets and content creation. We are used to these tactics and those who stand out take the time to go the extra mile. Promotional products provide a great way to brand and connect simultaneously. The key is to pair products with your intended goals and present strategies.

And if you are unsure what would work for you, Choice Premiums is available to help. With 50 years of combined marketing experience, we don’t just sell products. We create lasting connections.


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