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By Noelle Brooks

It’s National Have A Coke Day, a time to celebrate an enduring brand by enjoying a fizzy favorite. In addition to its great products, Coca-Cola has a stellar marketing reputation. From “I’d Like to Buy The World A Coke” to “Open Happiness,” Coca-Cola has set the bar for memorable marketing. Fortunately, Coke’s impact can be mimicked without Coke’s budget. Find your Coke factor following these steps:

Discover Your Signature Taste

The first step to finding your Coke factor is discovering what makes your company unique. What “ingredients” make up your business?  How is it distinctive? What does it offer that others do not? Identify your special formula and where it fits in the current market.

Find Your Happiness

Much of Coca-Cola’s “Happiness” campaign success is due to guerrilla marketing tactics.  One tactic was the Pop-Up Park experiment, which created mini-parks in unexpected places.  This experiment earned 5.5 million Youtube views as well as a place in the Louvre’s Advertising Museum. Create your own experiment that reflects your brand and connects directly to your audience.


Coca-Cola excels at brand-specific yet personal social media campaigns. The #ShareACoke campaign placed names on Coca-Cola’s products and encouraged consumers to share a coke with friends. Online, the company invited customers to share their experiences using #ShareACoke. Wildly successful, the campaign capitalized on product personalization & human connection. Your company can produce similar results. Create campaigns that center your consumers & showcase personal experiences.

Partner With TasteMakers

Collaborations are a key component of any marketing strategy. Coca-Cola often uses influencers to promote its products. Form a partnership with “tastemakers” in your industry. Make sure the partnership is mutually beneficial. Emphasize how promoting your product/service contributes to their brand. It may be easiest to first approach local organizations and individuals who are recognized within your community.

Give Them A Reason

From coupons to scholarships, Coca-Cola rewards its consumers. You can mimic this on a smaller scale. Offer free swag for using hashtags or send a gift to a loyal customer. Give them a reason to engage.

No matter the business or the budget, marketing is key to survival. It helps your company connect with those who matter.  Discovering your Coke factor ensures your company stands apart from the competition. Use these steps and give your business the advantage it deserves. Below is an infographic for easy reference:

The Coke Factor: Memorable Marketing On Any Budget. Infographic explains how to create memorable marketing with five steps: Discover Your Signature Taste; Find Your "Happiness;" Get Personal; Partner With Tastemakers; Give Them A Reason


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