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By Noelle Brooks

Picture of Qwest's Linda Brennan, Smililng
Linda Brennan

Small but mighty, Qwest is a consulting agency that fosters profitable growth for businesses. This growth varies tremendously depending on the company. As a corporate veteran and former business professor, managing partner Linda Brennan is well-qualified for the challenge.

“I love being presented with a problem or opportunity and analyzing to break it down,” Brennan said. “Then I synthesize it in a way to make the change that’s needed.”

The Importance of Analysis In Business Ownership

This love of analysis serves Brennan well in her work. Often, companies are aware of the problem but not the root cause. The solutions may also differ from the client’s initial expectations. Brennan must rely on her keen diagnostic skills and management expertise to create an effective plan. However, she is not afraid to get help when necessary.

“Sometimes I have to interview experts who know more about the subject,” Brennan said. “Then I take the information and construct it in a creative way. I love it because it’s such worthy cause, creating opportunities for people and I am also learning a lot while using my creativity.”

Business Ownership and Emotional Intelligence

Navigating these situations requires a certain level of emotional intelligence. Brennan must understand the stakes as well as the stakeholders to minimize complications.

“You have to step back and focus on behaviors, rather than attitudes and personalities,” Brennan said. “Conflict resolution is an investment in a relationship. If not addressed, things fester.”

Maintaining Your Entrepreneurial Passion

Brennan also loves to write. Currently, she is working on a book that is a business allegory. Although she’s still finalizing the details, the book will further her mission to propel companies forward.  It is this passion that keeps Brennan motivated.

“I do not think you can be self-employed without drive,” Brennan said. “I really love what I do. I get up and look forward to my day. You have to step out in faith, with belief in yourself. If you do the right things, the work will follow.”

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