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Game On: Brandan Wormsbacher On The Power of Play

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Game On: Brandan Wormsbacher On The Power of Play. Picture of a man, smiling, in a black suit, no tie.

Doctor by day and game master by night, Situation Room co-owner Brandan Wormsbacher has brought a new type of entertainment to Macon. Inspired by an escape room trip to Atlanta, Wormsbacher discovered a love for puzzle-based entertainment. He also identified a unique niche that capitalized on the power of play. “We really enjoyed it, but […]

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Tips On Maintaining A Work-Life Balance

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Tips On Maintaining A Work Life Balance. Man Bent Over Desk With Papers and Laptop, Hand On Head.

Returning to work after a holiday can be daunting. The old grind can seem more grueling than before. You may even find yourself longing for the next break. Instead of living off daydreams, try these five tips to strike a healthy work-life balance: Set specific, manageable goals. The key to managing the demands of daily […]