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By Jack Henson


When it comes to promotional products for students, it is best to think, “If I were a student, what would I want?” We’ve seen it all too many times – colleges and universities give out the same old, boring and dull stuff.  Students want something that is useful and cool. Something that they will keep for weeks, months or even years. In reality, pens are great and all, but when it comes to students, you want them to have something that they will use and will be helpful in their everyday life. Giving away cool promotional pieces is the perfect way to build up your database with an email or a phone. Fair trade if you ask me.


Below are three items that will well separate your college promotional campaign from the others!

Round Stress Reliever

ProductImage (43)

Nothing is more stressful than multiple tests back to back. No better way to relieve stress than to squeeze a stress ball after a long day. Made of durable polyurethane, this ball can withstand the pressure of the looming all-nighter.

Double Wall Tumbler


One can never have enough cups. With this tumbler, colleges are able to slap their logos on these and students can use these as walking billboards. Another plus is that these tumblers are environmentally friendly and BPA free.

 On-The-Go Car Charger

ProductImage (44)

Car Chargers are VERY important in today’s time. Students are always on the go, both commuter and on-campus living. Therefore, by providing one to students will give you the ability to brand yourself in cars when people spend on average 38 hours a year sitting in traffic. These chargers are great for all smartphones because 83 percent of college students currently use a smartphone.

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