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Choice Spotlight: Greg Jones On Shifting From Blog To Business. A picture of brand builder Greg Jones in a blue suit.
Greg Jones

Many have a dream of owning their own business but are unable to achieve it. The idea is there, but the plan to bring it to fruition.  Recognizing this need, Greg Jones decided to help others navigate the difficult road of entrepreneurship. Four years later, Jones is the proud owner of the G. Jones Group, a consultant agency dedicated to transforming ideas into brands.

“Many people are afraid of the word consulting, that a consultant is only a person that gives advice,” Jones said. “It’s more than just advice. You get a helping hand that you would have never had in that situation.”

From Blog To Business

Jones began his blog in 2013 with a single goal in mind: to help entrepreneurs.

“I have always been business savvy,” Jones said. “I started a blog, Your Business Mindframe, a few years ago. It covered business, tech, pretty much everything.”

The response was a positive one. Jones soon gained a significant following and started earning money from his posts. Before he knew it, Jones had created a business.

“I began getting requests for my services,” Jones said. “So I created different packages based on their needs. Over the past two years, it has truly grown.”

The Entrepreneurial Grind

The day to day of running a business can be grueling. To minimize the stress, Jones plans his entire week on Sunday. He compiles a list of all his pending projects and plots out what needs to be completed and by what date.

“Sometimes it’s rough,” Jones said. “You got projects on top of projects, websites on top of websites, and if you’re not careful, one line of code can bring a whole site goes down. ”

In addition to daily duties, Jones has to make time for self-development. Given the face-paced nature of business, it is important to stay up to date with the latest news and trends.  Although it can be overwhelming, Jones believes it is worth it.

“Just knowing that if I get this right, this will influence how they feel about entrepreneurship, about business, it helps keep me going, to keep pushing no matter how challenging it gets,” Jones said.

The Introvert Struggle

Naturally an introvert, Jones experienced a learning curve when transitioning from blogging to consulting.  Jones spent a lot of time behind the keyboard, using referrals from his blog and clients. He attended the occasional networking event but did not actively engage.

“I soon figured out that I was losing business by being an introvert,” Jones said. “So I pushed myself and made myself do it.  I bonded with a lot of people, discovered a lot of clients.”

Jones now makes it a point to seek out entrepreneurs, including those within his industry. Although he is not exactly a social butterfly, Jones has learned how to create meaningful connections. The key has been focusing on what he knows: business.

From Idea To Reality

Although the blog to business model may not be ideal for everyone, Jones believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur. The true challenge lies in overcoming the fear and taking the plunge.

“Just go,” Jones said. “Don’t think about it, do n’t overanalyze it, don’t spend millions of years thinking about it. Just do it and let it guide the way.”

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