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By Noelle BrooksFive Ways To Stop Overcomplicating Your Business. Picture of a figure standing in front of a maze.

For humans, the need to overcomplicate comes as natural as breathing. This is particularly true when it comes to business. We assume if it is easy, we must be missing something. As a result, we create hurdles that keep us from crossing the finish line. And often, we do not even realize we are doing it. Here are five ways you are overcomplicating your business and how to simplify:

You are a content master but your customers do not seem to agree.

Although content may be king, creating content without context or relevancy is a losing game. Being active online without a clear purpose is akin to screaming into a canyon. It is exhausting and no one actually hears you. Make sure what you create matters to your audience. Also, be where your customers are. Not every channel makes sense for every company.

You often encounter people who are unsure what it is that you do.

Do you often find yourself often clarifying what your organization actually does? Are people confused about the services or products you offer? If this is the case, you need to answer these two questions: What need does your business address and how does it address this need? Be as specific as possible. Do not be afraid to pigeonhole yourself. It’s better to be the best at one thing than mediocre at multiple.

You are working longer and harder with little to no results.

Working harder is not the same as working smarter. If you find yourself staying later at the office but your bottom line is stagnant, it is time to take a step back. You may be expending too much energy in the wrong direction or too many directions. What is your end goal? Do your strategies support it? Are there ways to streamline your process? Identify specific steps and benchmarks to assess your progress.

You spend hours on one aspect of your business.

The devil is definitely in the details. However, too much focus on the small stuff can distract you from the big picture. If you spend all of your time debating the new color for your website, you will miss out on other opportunities for business growth. Remember that the details you obsess over often mean far less to your clients. Do not overthink it. Take a holistic approach with your strategies.

You obsess about how you measure up to your competitors.

Competition can be a great motivator, ensuring you always bring your A-game. It can also teach us lessons about ourselves and our business. However, too much time looking over your shoulder can lead to business loss and some serious neck pain. Spend less time agonizing over your competitor’s new shiny product and more time on ways you can better serve your customers. Make your company the best version of itself and the rest will follow.

Whatever steps you decide to take, make sure they align with your core goals. Conduct regular check-ins and reviews to stay on track. Resist overcomplicating your business and embrace simplicity. Your clients and your sanity will thank you.

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