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By Noelle Brooks

Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause marketing is an excellent way to differentiate your brand. From brand awareness to increased loyalty, the benefits are immense.  However, developing an effective strategy can be difficult. Below are four steps on how to execute a great cause marketing campaign:

Identify Your Model

Before building your campaign, decide what cause marketing model reflects your business. Do you want to sponsor established community initiatives?  Do you want to choose one social cause that is a part of your entire brand? Or do you want to select social causes that contribute to business goals? Choose based on your brand’s core values and feasibility.  Read Cause Good’s Choosing the Right Types of Cause Marketing Campaigns to find a campaign that works for your company.

Create Your Social Narrative

Once you have determined which model works best for your company, it’s time to build your narrative. Develop connections between your brand’s current messaging and your social cause. Promote cause-related content across all marketing channels, with a particular focus on visual content. Assign ambassadors to manage this social narrative. Create something that resonates with target markets while emphasizing the importance of your cause.

Make Cause Strategy Unique

For your cause marketing campaign to have a real impact, it has to be unique. Create something that reflects your company’s brand and will be relatively easy to execute. Employee advocacy programs are great because it personalizes the initiative while strengthening employee loyalty. However, these programs only work with the right incentives. Gifts or school grants are great ways to encourage employee participation. Other options include specialized products, social media movements, and guerilla marketing campaigns.

Prove Your Commitment

They will believe it when they see it. Simply stating your company’s commitment to a cause is not enough. It is important to show how your company supports your chosen cause. Share photos and videos of employee involvement. Provide branded items at sponsored events. Promote other initiatives that support your cause. Make it apparent that your company is not just looking out for its bottom-line, but truly wants to make a difference.

Cause marketing is a great way to differentiate your brand while giving back to the community. Aside from the obvious business benefits, supporting a social initiative creates a better society. As a result, your business thrives. The key is to look beyond profits and focus on impact.

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