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19 Business Tools You Will Love For 2019 Success. Four people giving high fives at the same time in the workplace, laptops in front of them.

As this year comes to a close, there may be goals you did not meet or projects that were not as successful as you had hoped. It’s easy to look back and dissect all the things that went wrong. Instead of lingering in past missteps, prepare to make next year ten times better. To help with that objective, here are 19 business tools for phenomenal results in 2019:


One of the top reasons most business strategies are not successful is due to ineffective workflows. There are so many web-based apps available to manage your business, it can be difficult to maintain your growing list of tasks. Often, these apps rely on data from each other, and managing this manually can be time-consuming and inefficient. That’s where Zapier comes in. This tool links your web apps and creates automated workflows. Instead of logging into ten different apps to process a task, you can simply log into Zapier. This tool has a basic free plan as well as premium plans starting at $20/month.


Speaking of task management, Taskworld in a visual, interactive way to keep track of daily company tasks. However, more than just a task scheduler, Taskworld has project management tools, time tracking, file storage, and a team messaging system. It also allows you to map out project timelines and track performance. The goal is to strengthen communication and improve project development. Even with all these features, Taskworld is only 10.99/month per user. Or if you have a large organization, they offer custom quotes for their enterprise package.


Airtable is a responsive database system. Perfect for project management, this app allows you to create a variety of databases for different aspects of your business. From CRMs to marketing campaigns, Airtable gets you organized with easy to use tools. You can get creative or use one of the available templates that can be easily customized for your needs. While it is free, there is a cost to use certain pro-features for your databases (which most of the templates use). Even so, the cost is only $12/month per user, and you can earn credits by inviting others with a special link.


A unique niche app is Smarp. This app aims to strengthen employee commitment by improving communication and collaboration. It allows employees to easily advocate the company online and understand what content actually helps the business grow. It also ensures employees are on the same page regarding brand image and can discover new ideas and content that supports effective branding. Influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2019, so why not transform your employees into influencers for your company? The pro plan is 10€/month ($11.34 USD) per user. Other plans require a customized quote.


As important as video has been in 2018, it will be even more crucial in 2019. Crowdcast is your streamlined answer. Similar to other webcast platforms, Crowdcast allows you to live stream video and invite participants. What sets it apart is its interactive tools. During a live webcast, you can create polls, make Q&A posts participants can vote on, share specific moments on social media, and invite attendees on screen. There is also no clunky software to download. Simply share a link with your attendees, and they are connected. Crowdcast also has a variety of integrations, from Stripe for event payments to Facebook for live streaming. Plans start as low as $49/month.


Despite rumors that email is on its way out, email marketing remains one of the best ways to connect with the right people.  ConvertKit is an excellent way to harness the power of email with easy, automated tools and features. What makes this app so cool is that it has landing pages, forms, and a variety of integrations for a robust email management tool. It streamlines the numerous workflows related to email in one convenient application. It is also easy to use, with tutorials and templates to get you started. Cost for ConvertKit starts as low as $29/month for 1,000 subscribers.


Another excellent app is Hubspot. Hubspot is comprehensive software that covers sales, marketing, and service for your organization. Essentially, this application can simplify and streamline a number of tasks and goals in your business. What’s great about Hubspot is that you can use a lot of its features for free, such as the CRM builder. There is also an academy where you can learn new techniques and develop your business skills. A number, of course, are actually certified and recognized with the industry, completely free. So not only can you expand your knowledge but you can give yourself a competitive edge by sharing your certifications. Price ranges from free to $5600/month to get all features for the sales, marketing, and service hubs.


While the technology may have changed, the need for customer feedback remains as important as ever. Typeform is a unique, interactive app that can be used to collect data and learn about customers beyond the traditional survey format. The design is bold and smooth, with a variety of features to make every Q&A an experience. It also has a logic jump feature that can be used to create quizzes, job applications, or even build-your-own adventure narratives. It has a number of integrations that make it easy to add to your current toolbox. The price ranges from free for 100 responses a month, 10 questions per form, to 70/month for unlimited responses and questions.


Similar to Google Analytics, Oribi is a way to collect, organize, and analyze data related to your business. Unlike Google Analytics, Oribi doesn’t just provide reports for you to review and analyze. Instead, it provides a personal dashboard where you can track your goals and review relevant metrics and statistics. You can also track specific channels and campaigns, providing insight into how people are finding your website. Prices range from $29/month to $169/month.


Inspectlet is another data analytics tool that pairs well with Google Analytics. As the app claims, where “Google Analytics tells you what, Inspectlet tells you why.” Essentially, this tool tracks how visitors use your site via eye-tracking heat maps and screen recordings. It also has analytics software that monitors the performance of forms on your site. You can even do A/B testing to see what designs work best for your customers. Now you will know what causes visitors to leave your site. Inspectlet has a free monthly subscription with limited features up to a $1800/month subscription for large organizations.


MicroStrategy is a robust business intelligence tool for data analytics. It’s a comprehensive app that allows you to connect a variety of data sources to track trends, analyze programs and campaigns, and ultimately improve efficiency and productivity. The inclusive nature of this software helps your organization make data-driven decisions at almost every level. However, there is a learning curve with this software, and it takes some work to get the answers you need. There is a free, desktop version that is great for small organizations, providing visual insights regarding data. The more expansive version requires registration and includes a 30-day free trial.


Norbert is a lead generation tool that claims it can “find any email.” This is great for getting emails for key stakeholders that usually do not publish this information. However, you need to still build a relationship with the contact for this tool to be useful. It is also important to search for people who would actually use your product or service. Emailing someone simply because you have their email is a great way to tank your lead generation efforts. Norbert can also be used to clean your existing email lists, making sure all emails are valid. Fair warning: Do not add to email marketing platforms such as ConstantContact. Not only is it ineffective, but is against Anti-Spam guidelines platforms like these uphold.  Pricing ranges from $.10 per lead for the prepaid plan up to $399 per month for 50,000 leads.


Another nifty lead generation app is Growbots. This tool has a database of over 200 million contacts that you can connect with based on your target market. It automatically updates email data so you have the most up-to-date information. You can then create email campaigns with features such as personalization, automatic follow-ups, and positive response detection, which alerts you about warm leads. It even lets you optimize your results with A/B testing and performance reports. Growbots offers a free demo and quotes for pricing.

As 2019 approaches, the need for effective SEO is still crucial for impactful marketing. This makes strategic keyword usage a must for any organization. However, it can be difficult to determine what keywords are best to use. The seeks to solve this problem. This online tool uses “Google Autocomplete to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords for any topic.” This means you can discover relevant yet unique keywords for a variety of topics. The free version provides up to 750+ keywords per search term and paid versions range from $48-$88/month.


SpyFu is another SEO tool that goes beyond keywords. This tool provides information about organic ranks, keywords for Adwords campaigns, and websites, as well as ad variations used by your competitors. The benefit of this app is obvious: gain a competitive advantage by knowing the competition’s online strategy.  You can also use it to search domains and get contact information that can be used for lead generation. Prices range from $33/month to $299/month.

Headline Analyzer

Content is still king, though getting people to pay attention to your content is tougher than ever. Reading past the headline is a rarity, which means you need headlines with impact. CoSchedule’s headline analyzer is the perfect, free tool to ensure your titles pack a punch. Put any headline into the search bar and receive a score based on uniqueness, emotion, power, and length. The analyzer provides reasons for the score and suggestions for improvement. Make 2019 your year for powerhouse headlines.


If you want to plan and schedule like a pro, CoSchedule is the way to go (sweet, it rhymed!).  CoSchedule is a complete marketing scheduler, allowing for all types of content scheduling as well as in-house project management. The app has unique feature such as ReQueue which automatically schedules and posts your messages based on the best times for social traffic. It even fills in the gaps your social schedule may be missing. CoSchedule also integrates easily with most marketing and content creation apps, streamlining your campaigns. Individual plans start at $40/month.


IFTTT takes advantage of the Internet of Things to create targeted actions in an “if this then that” format. For example, if you take a picture on your phone, you can set it to automatically post to all your social media networks without separate log-ins. It can also trigger actions between devices, automating tasks and boosting efficiency. The app is totally free with endless integrations.


OptinMonster is an excellent tool for recapturing customers. Use this app to create lead forms with enticing offers, triggered by specific actions. If a customer is about to abandon their cart or leave your site, they may receive a pop-up for 20% off their next purchase.  The app includes pre-made templates, A/B testing, page level targeting, onsite retargeting and personalization as well as an analytics dashboard. It even provides stats in real-time so you can make adjustments to your campaign as it’s in progress. Subscriptions range from $19/month to $99/month.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of useful business tools. The key is to find tools that center automation, planning, and collaboration. These factors will help you and your organization succeed within the ever-growing marketing landscape. Another great way to stand out in through the use of promotional products. 85% of those who receive promo items remember the advertiser, and 83% are likely to do business with that advertiser. So kickstart your 2019 with a killer promo campaign.

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